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 “Money always has come to me, because I always have seen myself as endlessly abundant.”

Wayne Dyer

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Photo by Microsoft

I heard Wayne Dyer once say that he never worries about money because he knows he can always make more. How I wish I could say that!  Is it because of his celebrity status that Dyer feels that way? I don’t think so.  (And although he didn’t specify it, I’d bet that when he refers to being able to make more money, he doesn’t mean just eking out a living or being able to get a job as a greeter at Walmart.)  I would say Dyer feels this way and has always proved it to be so because he sees himself as endlessly abundant.

These beliefs of Dyer got me thinking about two categories of things: those that are used up (or wasted), never to be replaced, and those that are expended and then replenished.  Time falls into the category of being irreplaceable, something that can be wasted and never to be gotten back.  Although, God willing, I may have tomorrow, today will be gone when it is over. If I fail to make the most of it, I’ll never get this specific day and time back again.  Yes, time is eternal, but my time as the human being I am is very much limited.  I have a start date and an end date.

I’ve always put water in the same category as time, having been taught that water is precious and must not be wasted.   I’ve come to understand, though, that water is not like time. The earth is bountifully provided for.  Without any effort on my part, the clouds do their thing, form water, and release it as rain and snow to replenish the earth’s water supply.  I do have a limited, localized supply of water, and life works better when I treasure and use it well, but the overall supply of water is unlimited or, as Dyer would put it, “endlessly abundant.”

How about energy, the force that keeps me alive and enables me to move through my day?  Physical energy is very much like water.  I have a localized supply.  I wake up in the morning ready to go.  Some days I physically work very hard, expending my energy supply.  At the end of the day, I take natural, simple steps to replenish my energy.  I have a healthy dinner, relax, perhaps have a little fun, and get a good night’s sleep.  While I rest, my body, like the clouds, does what it is designed to do.  It digests my food, keeps me breathing, and restores itself.  I don’t have to ask that these things be done.  I just do my part, and my body (God) does its part.  Without any conscious effort of my own, I awaken with my energy restored.

There’s another important point to consider here: if I spend my energy in a wasteful way, worrying needlessly or working physically hard without accomplishing anything worthwhile, it would not matter.  As long as I do my part by eating, resting, and so forth, my energy store will be replaced, even though I had spent my energy foolishly that day.  Clearly physical energy is like water and not like time.  We can waste time (as in use it and lose it forever), but we expend energy.  We deplete our local water supply, but neither energy nor water is gone forever; they just get replaced from the infinite supply through natural processes.

Where does money fall?  All of my life I’ve grouped money with time, and I now see what a detrimental perspective that has been.  When I view money like time, I see money as something that can be wasted, as in used and lost forever.  This often leads to ongoing regret, shame, and frustration.  Yes, there have been times when I’ve not been as careful spending my money as I could have been.  However, there have been far more times when I made a prayerful decision to spend money and it failed to yield the benefit I expected.  In other words, despite my very best effort to use my money wisely, I did not receive the blessing I intended.  When I see that money as wasted, never to be replaced, I blame myself for something I had no control over.

How does Dyer see money?  He must view it as I do water and energy, since he knows he can always make more.  Without fret or fear, he does what is his to do; he’s written over 30 books!  For me to release all worry about money and embrace the belief that I can always make more, I must recognize that the same Divine life force that moves the clouds and keeps my heart beating influences people and events to draw money into my life.  I need only take the simple, natural steps that are before me each day and let God be God.  When I do, I’ll be the endlessly abundant person I was meant to be.


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