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Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

The site, www.ProBlogger.net, contains a wealth of wisdom for anyone who is in business, or wants to be, using their blog as a key tool.  Today, my article is a summary re-blog of a great piece that appeared in ProBlogger’s e-news and also on the website, June 25, 2012.  The piece is called Blog Business Model 1:  Land Public Speaking Gigs Through Your Blog. The full article appears under that date, on the ProBlogger.net site.

Marcus Sheridan’s The Sales Lion blog has helped him springboard very successfully into the public speaking circuit.

Sheridan has owned an inground swimming pool company since 2001.  He credits a company called Hubspot with inspiring him to embrace inbound marketing and blogging, as a means of generating more leads and sales.  This was so successful that he now teaches others, through what is now TheSalesLion.com, one of the premier inbound- and content marketing information blogs on the web.

Sheridan wanted to build a platform for his overall brand awareness and influence, with The Sales Lion, to get a different level of speaking opportunities.  When people began to see his unique approach, he started getting more invitations to speak.  Making himself write about marketing, sales, business, and personal development, he says, resulted in his refining his messages.  It so embedded his key principles in his mind that he can now teach for hours without notes.  He credits his speaking success in part to his “wildly opinionated,” passionate style, and the fact that he is unafraid to say what is on his mind.

Sheridan says his biggest challenge is “continuing to plant the seeds while you’re reaping the harvest.”  It’s important for him to strike a balance between producing new content on his blog and continuing to network while also helping his current paying clients.

Asked what his best secrets are, Sheridan says:

  1. I make people feel good when they stop by and leave a comment, because I care and I’m grateful.
  2. I’m opinionated and not just regurgitating what everyone else is saying.
  3. I’m dang good at storytelling.
  4. I teach/write in such a way that anyone can understand what I’m saying. In other words, my goal isn’t to try to impress myself or sound intelligent.
  5. I haven’t let off the gas in three years.

For online tools, Sheridan recommends HubSpot, for lead tracking and behavior software.  He does use WordPress, and his blog’s theme is Thesis.  He also uses a virtual assistant for editing.

His bottom-line advice to those who want to leverage their blog in business?  He says:

  1. Answer every single question in your field. Be the wiki of whatever it is you do.
  2. Be bold and gutsy.
  3. Make your readers feel good about themselves.
  4. Stand up to the “big boys” when necessary.
  5. Be great at networking.

For more on Marcus’s business model, visit his site at The Sales Lion and read his story in From Small-time Blogger to Professional Paid Speaker: My Journey

And huge thanks to ProBlogger for the always-great advice.  ProBlogger is one of the few blogs to which this author actually subscribes.  To make the most of your blog, do something… and do it now!


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