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Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM                                                                 ©Kebba Buckley Button 2010.  World Rights Reserved.

As you read this, in the U.S., the Holiday ball is rolling fast.  Warehouse stores have almost sold out of Christmas décor, themed candy, and gift baskets.  Images of Santa are plastered everywhere, and shopping districts are awash in red and green.  Holiday music is playing frantically in stores and mall parking lots, other than on Sunday mornings.  Decorated trees have sprouted everywhere, including that white one hanging upside down in the famous gallery store.  Poinsettias rim every grocery display, and sugar is in the air, on the menu, and in most commercials.  TV is showing endless specials and old movies on the cultural themes of the season.  People are anxiously surfing the Web and surging through stores in search of the right gifts.  If you love these sights and sounds, by all means, hustle with the bustle and have a great time.  Stand in line for that spiral-cut smoked ham, and send your friends handmade holiday greeting cards and cookies.  The rest of us admire you!

However, if you are overwhelmed by all the commercial holiday stuff, here’s a radical suggestion:  do it “lite”!  Stop, right now, and exhale!  Why not create your own Happy (Lite) Holidays?  Are you an atheist, a Christian turned off by Santa, an adherent of another faith turned off by Santa, or simply a no-commercial-hubbub person?  Then try these simple tips:

1.  Keep it light. Send some gifts and cards with minimum effort, and get it done just as fast and early as possible.  Or just send a holiday email and make a few calls.  Let them know you care.

2.  Stay out of the way of the rolling Holiday ball. Celebrate with your spouse and loved ones,  at home, with what you know you enjoy.  Stock up on food, music, and movies that have nothing to do with Santa, or everything to do with your Holy Days.  Plan to take care of an unfinished creative project, or do that online research you never have time for.  Christians, sift the church calendars for Santa-free Christmas concerts and pageants.  Go sing in a “Messiah” sing-along.  You know how to celebrate the reason for the season.

3.  Eat half the sugar and drink twice the water. Sounds too simple, but this will help keep your mind calm, your metabolism strong, your skin smooth, and your waistline slim.  You will get along better with everyone and enjoy every day more.

You can choose to be happy and in deep satisfaction, anywhere, anytime.  Choose these now.  And whatever your background, may your days be merry and bright.


Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management trainer.  Reach her at kebba@kebba.com.