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Pollens from Spring blossoms are making eyes watery and itchy.  People are sniffling, sinuses are clogged or runny, and some people have headaches or feel ill.  Not fun!  If antihistamines and antileukotrienes are not for you, then try these quick natural helps.

1.  Check your spice cabinet for ginger powder.  Mix ½ teaspoon ginger powder into a cup of warm, filtered (chlorine-removed) water.  Stir and drink.  Feel your symptoms improving in minutes.  Yes, fresh ginger root, grated and pressed through cheesecloth or a tea filter, is wonderful.  But when you are feeling bad, and you want immediate improvement, just add the ginger powder to your water.  The ginger is very yang, and it will balance out the yin symptoms of hay fever.

2.  Change your home’s air filter to one that has many accordion-type folds across its width.  Look for one that says it filters allergens.  This means it catches the tiniest pollens, which can be the most irritating.  Research has proven that this type of filter removes almost all of the provocative particles, so spend the extra $8 for this type.  Your improved sleep at night and your increased productivity during the day will be worth much more than that.

3.  Get a silent ionic air filter for the area where you work or relax the most.  This will remove even more allergens, again increasing the quality of your sleep, your productivity, and your recreation.

4.  Look around and honestly evaluate the dust/pollen catching quotient of your home.  Wearing a well-fitted dust mask or a kerchief over your nose and mouth, clear the paper stacks and dust the collectibles, using a slightly damp cloth.  Soap-wash the cloth often.  If you can, pay someone without allergies to do this clearing.  All those books should be dusted and go into cabinets, and the live plants should go out or to someone else’s house.  Replace those with silk plants or fragrance-free cut flowers, and commit to damp-wiping the silks and their vases regularly.  Use a high-efficiency or water-tank vacuum cleaner to sweep your carpets, or steam clean them every March and September.

5.  If the roof of your mouth is prickly, try drinking freshly squeezed orange juice.

6.  For allergenic fatigue together with sinus symptoms, try quick-acting natural stir-ins for your filtered (chlorine-removed) water.  Two widely available products are Emergen-C and Airborne.  Emergen-C is Vitamin C, as mineral ascorbates, plus B complex and special nutritive components for different conditions.  Airborne contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  Both products are effervescent and absorb easily in the body.  Try different flavors and varieties, to see which work best for you.  Add ½ teaspoon ginger powder to increase the decongestive effect.

7.  Place the palms of your hands to the sides of your neck and gently rock across the sore muscles.  Notice how tight your shoulder tops are, and gently stretch your shoulders in every direction for 2 minutes.  Notice your congestion calming and your head feeling less heavy.

8.  Have everyone leave their shoes by the front door, to avoid bringing pollens inside.  Have a non-allergic person brush the dog outside, before it comes in from play.

9.  Want more?  Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 pint of warm water and breathe it in through your nostrils.  This rinses the sinuses.  Buy a neti pot if you like.  Notice you have fewer sinus symptoms and rarely get colds!

Set yourself up for success, with these shifts in your environment, nutrition, and habits.  Remember how bad you felt yesterday?  Now exhale completely and enjoy this beautiful Spring!


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