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In music, the “upbeat” creates uplift in each measure. A key part of my mission is to draw attention to the “Up Beat” of life, the positive areas and potentials of lifestyle. If you have been feeling the need for a bit of uplift, read on.

Have things seemed a bit flat lately? I have long taught the naturalness of change. All processes result in change, in shift. Many say, “Shift happens.” Others say, “We make shift happen.” I say, “Microshift creates uplift.”

Much has been written about change and how people tend to fear large-scale change. However, some small forms of change delight us. When our baby learns a new sound or motor skill, we feel a rush of joy. We may burst out laughing and call someone in from the next room to share the delight. A cool, rainy day can make us smile after years of drought and months of heat. A “change of scene” can refresh us as we take a vacation after months of nonstop work and local routine. New information can cause inspiration. Just the intake of new ideas can change the way we view people, life, and the world. Some microshift is caused by our choices and actions, and some is included in our thoughts through observation.

To get refreshed by action, why not take a 2-hour microvacation?  Turn off every device and take a walk, a walk in a park, a small hike, or a jog through the upper level of a mall.  Take a single yoga class or paint a canvas.  Visit your local homestore, get new plants, and repot your container garden around your front door.  Get and mount new house numbers.  Bake a favorite treat with no specific occasion.  At night, take a star guide out and identify some constellations.  Visit a new house of worship or go to a single evening workshop at a new church/spiritual growth center.  Reverse 2 pieces of furniture and replace 2 throw pillows in the same room.  Call a friend you haven’t talked with since s/he moved out of state.  Set a timer and be determined to take an entire 2 hours for your microvacation.  You’ll feel great, your mind and soul will be refreshed, and you’ll want another microvacation soon!  Schedule it!


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