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Regular readers know I highly recommend chocolate in your diet, preferably organic, in part due to its high antioxidant value.  Chocolate also provides serotonin and phenylethyalanine, two key brain compounds that give you a sense of wellbeing, plus  hundreds of other nutrients (see Discover The Secret Energized You, pages 54++, http://tinyurl.com/d9e7d7).  No wonder you feel better when you eat or drink something chocolate.

Several key things keep people from eating chocolate:  pesticides, soy, and fats.  To minimize pesticides, buy your chocolate or cocoa organic, if possible.  If a product makes you tired, switch brands.  Soy as soy lecithin is present in most chocolate candy.  If soy gives you indigestion, spikes your blood pressure, or otherwise malfunctions in your body, look for chocolate without lecithin, or with sunflower lecithin.  Currently, 100% cocoa baking bars are the most likely chocolate bars to have no lecithin.  Read the labels carefully.

Another no-soy option also solves the issue of fats: use cocoa powder to flavor your milk, sweets, or baked goods.  Try this simple recipe for no-soy, no-fat chocolate syrup:  equal parts water (filtered, please!), organic sugar, and cocoa powder.  Heat and stir with a tiny wire whisk, or two forks together, until it turns into syrup.  Adjust the proportions to taste.  Stir it into your milk or soymilk for a cold or hot cocoa treat.  For a thicker sauce to pour on deserts, dissolve 1 tablespoon agar agar or kuzu starch in 2 tablespoons water, then, stirring often, add ¼ cup water, ¼ cup organic sugar, and ¼ cup cocoa powder, and heat/stir until it turns into sauce.

Let me know how you use it!


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