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The effects of negative stress are profound, often exhausting, and sometimes life-threatening.  Many people use the expression, “I’m just sick of this!”  And in fact, your situation and your response to it may truly be making you sick.  In Japan, there is actually a word meaning “death from overwork”.  Now that’s stress!

 If you are surprised at how tired you are, or at how often you are tired, there’s hope and there’s help!  Your body has only what you swallow as material for making all of its new cells—70 trillion of them— and running all of its thousands of processes.  So why not switch what you swallow, to help the body help you feel good?  Eat high-quality lean proteins, including beans and eggs, plus fresh greens and fruits, whole grains, and nuts.  Get your fats from wild-caught fish, olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts.  Take a high-quality supplement complex (http://www.shaklee.net/energizedyou/prodVitalizer) and drink filtered water. 

 Do this for 3 days.  After 3 days, you’ll notice you have fewer stress symptoms, better sleep, and more vitality during your day.  Everything will seem easier, as if you were younger.  Now, for the rest of your days, let me tell you about breath techniques and finger holds and the benefits of coffee and chocolate, gratitude and forgiveness, and so much more—ready?  Only you can say “YES, it’s time to unstress!”  Only you can trade in your stress—for energy. 


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