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© 2009 Kebba Buckley Button, M.S., O.M.

In Phoenix, it’s over 100 degrees. The desert summer sizzles, and people can get uncomfortable, tired and crabby. Do you have to get burned up on any level? No way. Here are four secrets to keeping your cool, both physically and socially.

1. You’re a water balloon with facial features. The human body is composed of over 80% water! Your body needs adequate hydration to carry you around, and your mind needs hydration to work at all. Walk in the shade, carry water with you, and drink water often. Switch half of your sodas/teas/lattes/cocktails to waters, and notice how those headaches go away. If you feel crabby or nauseated, or you lose your appetite, “heat exhaustion” may have caught up with you. Promptly go to a cool, dark place, and lie down. Drink more water. If you feel faint, tell someone; falling can break a hip or concuss your brain. On the light side, you’ll have more energy and be more cheerful when you drink enough water. Isn’t it more fun to be a water balloon than a wet blanket?

2. Leather is processed by tanning. If you want leather skin, use tanning regularly. Also, Phoenix, Arizona has the second highest skin cancer rate in the world, and people can die from skin cancer. If your skin has pretty new dots on it, and you haven’t been tattooing lately, get an appointment this week with your dermatologist.

3. Everyone else who feels hot is driving on the same road as you. Can you recall the year your air conditioning broke, and how hard it was to keep your temper? Everyone whose home AC broke this week is driving out there. Everyone who didn’t drink enough water is driving to work or appointments. Everyone who has a heat headache or has too much to do or just went through a breakup—yes—they all have cars, and you’re driving near them. Overheated brains make mistakes. So drop your shoulders, exhale, and be alert. It’s much more fun to drive an extra minute or two to get where you’re going, than to have to stop in 110o heat because of a collision.

4. We each direct and produce our day. Think about how you want your day to go. Let your mind’s eye make a short film of how smoothly, pleasantly, and successfully everything is going all day. Review the film often. Your brain will take this as instructions. Think how you want your summer to go, and picture it vividly. In September, what kind of summer do you want to look back on? Think cool and easy, and that’s how things will be.

Keep these truths in mind to feel your best and have the most fun in the hot months. Be a smart water balloon and sail through the summer air. Only you can decide where you land.


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